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What is Birthing Purposes LLC?

 Birthing Purposes is an organization seeking 

to make a difference in the lives of our youth by: 

  • Mentoring young girls of color by equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate their growth for success. These tools include confirmation that they are seen, valuable and gifted.
  • Youth camps are created to enhance life skills, communication, finance and much more!!!  The topics we cover are driven by request and input from youth, parents, and teachers.

Meet Melissa Fanning

Melissa Fanning is the founder of Birthing Purposes LLC. Birthing Purposes' mission is to equip and inspire youth to fulfill their ​destiny. Looking forward to your child reading her first book (featured below). Hoping it sparks great conversations about your experiences too that will help them thrive. ​​​She is currently a Training Coordinator following in her father’s footsteps who was an Instructor in the Navy, helping people grow. Training and growing people is her goal for all ages but particularly with youth. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Public Administration and currently working on a Master's degree in Criminal Justice. She has helped develop a curriculum for children as well as adults. The ways in which she has conducted training is through personal development workshops, retreats, and gatherings both in-person and virtual. Ms. Fanning is the founder of Birthing Purposes LLC. 

Meet Sherdal Lewis

Sherdal Lewis has been active in the adult corrections field for 16 years, dedicated to reducing

recidivism with the Virginia Department of Corrections. She is a Qualified Mental Health Professional-

Adult registered through the Virginia Board of Counseling. Sherdal is experienced with cognitive

behavior modification programs and facilitating individual and group psychoeducational sessions

congruent with principles of cognitive behavior therapy. Sherdal enjoys spending time mentoring youth,

specifically pre-teen and teenage girls. She engages in youth programs that create positive and

inspiring healing environments for the teens. By serving as a mentor and role model, it is her hope that

the youth she encounters leave her presence with enhanced self-worth, confidence, and motivation to

achieve and surpass their goals.

** Birthing Purposes L.L.C. **

Spotlight Feature:

Sea Lessons with Daddy

Written by Founder Melissa Fanning

My Dad and I used to write each other while he was out to sea. This book will bring your family together to share ideas about your family's core beliefs and values. It will motivate you to talk with your children about a variety of experiences and life lessons.​

Sea Lessons with Daddy

"We are all born with gifts and talents. We hope that working with our youth we can help realize what their purpose is and pursue it with all the tools they obtain."

--Melissa Fanning

"I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that.  So are we all."

--James Baldwin​