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Why Birthing Purposes?

Birthing Purposes LLC. is an organization designed to uplift, equip, and expand the abilities of youth. It is an extension and working partnership with youth, parents, and those invested in the overall prosperity of girls. Hopeful in providing confidence to explore opportunities leading to self-fulfillment and purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is partner with parents in influencing, impacting, inspiring, instructing and interceding for our girls of color to thrive in their lives. 

Our Vision

To equip​ our youth by strengthening their emotional intelligence, enhancing their self-awareness, improving their communication skills and providing solid core values in beliefs that goes beyond our borders.

CUs2 Mentoring Program

Birthing Phenomenal Women

CUs2 (Courageous Unique Sistas 2)  is our mentoring division. Exploring topics that equip and inspire youth to be successful on their journey. Learning how to handle diverse situations, embrace the differences of others and accepting themselves.

Inspired by our youth and guided by our Seniors...the experts!

Youth Camp

Youth Camps Coming Summer 2020

Offering experiences for our youth in the following areas:

  • Self-Identity
  • Self-care
  • Self-Discipline 
  • Vision

Meet the Founder of

Birthing Purposes LLC


Melissa Fanning

Melissa's life has been dedicated to helping people grow, and this organization is just another extension of what she has designed to leave as her legacy.

Melissa believes that the possibilities of young people's success are limitless if they are equipped with the right tools and inspired by the right influences.

Being from a military family Melissa has traveled and has been living in Virginia for many years. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, education was an important and imperative priority stressed by her parents.

Melissa believes in planting seeds of greatness in the minds of our youth. Cultivating them by providing information for their tool boxes and inspiring them to dream big!

She has been a part of children's ministries by facilitating, creating curriculum for years and designs and trains on curriculum for staff and outside organizations. 

Melissa is a Training Coordinator holding certifications in Effective Communication and most recently completed the Association for Talent Development Training Certificate to name a couple. She provides training for her agency, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, and other organizations as requested.